I recently moved from Opera to Firefox because I tired of Opera's huge memory usage. But Opera's controls is really useful, so i'm trying to make Firefox behave like Opera in many cases.

One of things that i hate in Firefox: when i press Tab on some web-page, Firefox moves "cursor" between links and input fields, but i'd like it to move just between input fields, like Opera does.

Example: please go to http://developer.android.com. There is search input field in the right-top corner.

In Opera: i open this website, press Tab button 2 times, and here I am. Now i type what i want to look for, and press Enter.

In Firefox: i open this website, and press Tab button 11 times! Only after eleven keystrokes i got search input field. Really, sometimes i use mouse instead of doing it, and I strongly dislike it.

Is there a way to make Firefox behave like Opera in this aspect?

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    You can put most of the blame on the web designers for this one. HTML has an attribute (tabindex) to explicitly set the order of tab-able elements. If the order is not set, then the browser will usually go through elements in a linear fashion. – iglvzx Jan 16 '12 at 5:51
  • Does this behavioral difference between Opera and FireFox show in many other websites/ pages? Or always as a rule? – Kris Jan 16 '12 at 6:40
  • Yes, in many other websites is the same. Not all, but many. For example, stackexchange.com developers specified tabindex, so, firefox works nice here. But anyway i need to make it behave like Opera, because many web developers do not care about tabindex, as @iglvzx said. – Dmitry Frank Jan 16 '12 at 7:06

Check tab focus

Pressing Tab when a web page is in focus will move the focus from element to element. 1 Give focus to text fields only

accessibility.tabfocus = 1

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