On both Chrome and Safari, when typing in the address bar, I get shown suggestions from history and bookmarks. The best result is entered in the address bar for autocompletion. I would only have to press to start the loading the website:

enter image description here

In Firefox this is not the case, I first have to manually use the /-keys to select the suggestion and then hit enter:

enter image description here

Can I change this behavior in Firefox to be consistent with Chrome and Safari?

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Enter about:config in the adressbar and then set browser.urlbar.autofill to true. I still find it enoying though that you have to type "www." first.

Edit: I found this extension which does exactly what you want called Enter Selects


In most apps you can use control-n or p (next/previous) to move "down" a line. It works in safari, but not sure about firefox.

Not a perfect solution but at least it keeps your hands on the keyboard, instead of straying out to the extended area. Remapping caps-lock to control helps too.

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