This related post tells me that UltraEdit adds the byte order mark when UTF-8-encoding files.

How can I make UltraEdit convert a file into UTF-8 without adding the byte order mark?

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The Ultraedit website says -

If you'd like to globally configure UltraEdit to save all UTF-8 files with BOMs, you can set this by going to Advanced -> Configuration -> File Handling -> Save. The first two options here, "Write UTF-8 BOM header to all UTF-8 files when saved" and "Write UTF-8 BOM on new files created within this program (if above is not set)" should be checked. Conversely, if you do NOT want the BOMs, make sure these are NOT checked.


  • I've tested this and confirm it works!! Jan 18, 2012 at 14:46
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    – Bibhas
    Jan 18, 2012 at 19:55

If you have a file that already has a BOM in it and need to save it without the BOM, then choose File -> Save As and in the Format drop-down box, choose UTF-8 - NO BOM.

This will remain the default 'save' format for all other files as long as your version of UltraEdit is greater than v17.10.0.1015 (there was a bug in UltraEdit prior to this where the 'save as' format was not remembered).


Apparently, if you tell UE to create new files as UTF8, it will be saved with BOM so it's a good idea to check on it at the first "Save As" operation. (Very annoying, if you ask me.)

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