Is it possible to somehow limit the access to an Amazon S3 account. I don't really like the idea of distributing my secret access key to all of my applications, that want to access just a single bucket on my account. If someone gains access to one of the applications, I could loose all my data stored on S3.

One way I was thinking to do it would be creating a second S3 account and give it access to just one bucket of the main account, but it's not really a great solution.

Another nice thing for me would be to give the secondary account only write (but not modify/delete) and read access. That way I could upload backups or other files and be sure, that they won't get lost.

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I think this will answer your question:

Scroll down and start reading at Michael Fisher's answer.

DO NOT hardcode your key on the client. The right way to do this is (via a secure channel) to deliver a pre-built request with an encrypted signature -- this signature can be built with the API provided by S3.

You can extract the composition of the encrypted signature reqest from one of the request objects in the S3.cs class (I am referring to the C# implementation - not sure which you are using but they should be pretty analagous). Then have your client securely request the object from your server side, and rather than spit back the object, spit back the formated request. I believe this is the most secure technique, assuming again that you've properly secured the channel (SSL, or whatever scheme you choose).

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