I'm running torrents on the home server, and I talk to home server via the transmission-remote utility. I'd like to retrieve the magnet link for one of my torrents, however this seems to be impossible, as the transmission-remote -t[torrent-id] -i doesn't give me the link, and the manual also says nothing. Is there any way to get a magnet link?


May have been patched since the question was asked, but running

transmission-remote -l -t 13 -i | grep magnet

worked for me, got the magnet link for torrent number 13.

If you want only the link, you can sed away the title:

transmission-remote -l -t 13 -i | grep magnet | sed -e "s/^ *Magnet: //"

You may need to add a parameter --auth <username>:<password> for authentication.

  • In my version of transmission it doesn't work, but it's outdated, so I'll have to just believe you ) Thanks for the solution )
    – Septagram
    Apr 10 '14 at 12:07
  • Running 0.8.5 (from gentoo net-p2p/bitcoind-0.8.5:0)
    – Puggan Se
    Apr 10 '14 at 12:20

This worked for me :

transmission-remote -a magnet:?xt=urn...[magnet_link_here]...

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