I used my CompactFlash card as a boot drive to install Snow Leopard for my laptop a while ago. To do that I had to repartition it to HFS+ with a GUID partition table.

When partitioning it back to MBR with FAT32, something failed and now the card is unreadable. When I insert it into the reader it just reads the card and never stops or mounts anything. In Disk Utility it's not appearing either.

Any ideas on how I could possibly rescue the card?

Solutions for Mac OS or Windows are welcome.


In windows, did you go to control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> storage -> disk management, and check if it is available there?

One thing you could also try, if you have something like a photocamera which takes CF cards and try to format it with that one.

  • Windows Disk Management - Done, reports the card as 6MB instead of 8GB and won't format it. | Camera (Canon 7D) - Formats the card and then tells me the card is corrupt and i should change the card. – bardiir Jan 23 '12 at 8:34

I would boot using a version of Ubuntu on a USB drive, then insert your CompactFlash card. Open the disk utilities and go from there. I have used this several times with success.

  • I tried this today and the ubuntu disc would only boot until loading boot image... then it froze. I'm not really sure if ubuntu would recognize the bluetooth mouse and keyboard either so that's probably a little bit out of scope on the mac. – bardiir Jan 24 '12 at 18:08

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