I'm trying to fix a minor (but annoying) issue with my zsh prompt. The problem I'm seeing is that when I'm using a terminal in a GUI OS environment (for example, Terminal.app or iTerm 2 on OS X 10.7.2) and resize the terminal window, the terminal is redrawn with extra prompts.

I've reproduced the issue on a clean .zshrc that contains the following:

export PROMPT=">

To be clear, that's a two-line file. There is a literal newline in the string, which I've read in several (admittedly old) places is the way to go. This works until I resize the terminal window, at which point I end up with duplicate prompt strings. For example if I open a new window, I see (* being used a placeholder for my cursor):

Last login: Wed Jan 25 19:05:06 on ttys000

Then when I resize the window, making it shorter, I end up with:

Last login: Wed Jan 25 19:05:06 on ttys000

The number of extra prompt printouts seems roughly proportional to how much I change the window size -- usually vertically. If I remove the newline from the prompt string, the problem goes away.

I've tried various things, like $(print ">\n"), or trying to wrap the newline in %{%}. I'm assuming this has to do with the fact that newline confuses whatever is drawing w.r.t how long the prompt string actually is, or something. Is this problem fixable or do I just have to live with it?


This problem is due to how ZSH reprints the promt on resize events and has also annoyed me before. The solution is to make $PROMPT single-line and print the first line of the prompt using a precmd.

So in your example that would simply be:

precmd() { print ">" }
export PROMPT=""

or for a more sophisticated example with prompt expansion in the print statement use the -rP parameters:

precmd() { print -rP "%~" }
export PROMPT="%# "

If you have more than one precmd registered you need to use add-zsh-hook precmd (see man zshcontrib).

  • For newbies like myself, you can see what -rP means here: cs.elte.hu/zsh-manual/zsh_17.html. It appears that print is a ZSH-specific command, and Googling "linux print" doesn't give you very good results. – MikeWyatt Oct 25 '12 at 20:51
  • print is part of zsh. You can see the help for it in man zshbuiltins. Bash has its own equivalent, but I'm not sure they're compatible. – Jim Stewart Jan 30 '13 at 22:51

How about something like this:

  • I like this solution better than the accepted answer. it is more portable, and allows me to maintain the same script between my zsh and bash environments – verboze Nov 5 '15 at 3:11

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