I need help in getting adb.exe to work.

OS is Windows 7 SP1, with Comodo internet security suite.

On executing adb start-server, I see adb.exe in my process list.
And I did netstat before starting to see port 5037 was not used by any process.

After starting, I see adb.exe with port 5037, but no further communications with adb.exe was possible. e.g. adb devices would always return ADB server didn't ACK etc.

Even after exiting Comodo, thise symptom remains.

I rebooted Windows in safe mode with networking and was able to connect adb to an emulator in the AVD manager.

I tried ADB on a friend's machine which ran Windows 7 without the SP1, and ADB works.
Now, is there a way to get ADB working properly in Windows 7 with SP1 ?

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Exiting Comodo does not stop its firewall. You need to add an exception through Comodo's firewall.

  • I had added adb.exe as trusted application and allow all incoming and outgoing traffic in Comodo before exiting it. No luck. – alan Jan 26 '12 at 5:57
  • My gut says Comodo is the problem. Their Internet Security Suite is free right? So what's stopping you from uninstalling it to make sure that's not the problem? – psyklopz Jan 26 '12 at 6:12

Comodo is most likely the problem. I have come across numerous instances where removing the Comodo firewall solves this problem.

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