I want to be able to right click a file as superuser and delete it, select 'move to' or rename it. Basically, any of the things that I can do from the command line as a superuser.

I'm logged into my administrator account and can do any of these things from the command line using sudo, but I don't have the privelages in the GUI.

If I right click on a given file as administrator I cannot cut, rename, move to, or move it to the trash. What gives?

  • Are these files you're supposed to have ownership of? There is no root account in Ubuntu and even an admin account may not have sufficient permissions to delete certain files. – music2myear Jan 27 '12 at 19:07
  • this is a file that I created from the command line. – DanLeaningphp Jan 27 '12 at 19:09

You can start a file manager with administrative privileges by typing:

gksudo nautilus &

It will prompt you for the password. With the window that opens, you will be able to rename, move, or delete files that need superuser privileges.

Be careful though.

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