I have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat 9 (9.0.5) installed on a relatively powerful workstation: A Windows 7 64 bit machine with 96 GB of RAM and two six-core processors Intel Xeon X5690 @ 3.47 GHz (it's a workstation for scientific research)

What puzzles me is that the navigation of PDF documents is still not smooth on Adobe Acrobat 9 on my machine. For example, for a PDF that is 10 MB in size, eight pages long, the scrolling is still not as smooth as I would expect it to be. It can take somewhere between 0.2 to 1 seconds to move between pages or render a figure. Surely a fraction of a second is not that much that I can't read the PDF, but I often scroll back and forth between pages, and when I do this the latency becomes more noticeable.

If I open the same file in SumatraPDF or in PDF-XChange Viewer I can browse the PDF efficiently and move through pages with virtually no latency.

  • Are there any options in Adobe Acrobat 9 that would speed up the scrolling/rendering of PDF files?

  • Why is Adobe Acrobat so slow considering the specs of the machine? Why is it much slower than a relatively feature-rich PDF viewer/editor such as PDF-XChange Viewer? (note that, in contrast to SumatraPDF, PDF-XChange Viewer has significant editing capabilities).


It is an uniprocessor 32bit program. Don't expect much from it. 9.5 is minimum supported by adobe. Try that before Reader X

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