I have a 3TB Hard disk which I wish to mount as a single partition under Ubuntu 11.10 server Because it is over 2TB I know there are some issues with this. I'm unsure of what I need to do to make this happen.

I need to do this via the terminal because I am using the server edition

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Use parted

it might be a bit complicated, so read up on the internet (official manual) or man parted. Some commands to get started:

parted /dev/sdX     # substitute with your drive (and you prolly need sudo)
> mklabel gpt       # makes a new gpt partition table, afaik needed for >2TB
> mkpart pri 1 -1   # makes a new primary partition from start to end,
                    # note there are only primary partitions on gpt

afterwards format your partition, not exactly sure about the command in ubuntu, try

mkfs --type ext4 /dev/sdXY

for an ext4 partition.

That should suffice to make you able mount the partition.

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    parted does NOT support ext4 right now: File system type? [ext2]? ext4 No Implementation: Support for creating ext4 file systems is not implemented yet.
    – tarabyte
    Apr 28, 2014 at 0:04

I did it using these 2 apps:

  • gdisk (not fdisk) to create the initial partition, followed by
  • the mkfs.ext4 command from the e2fsprogs package to format it

Use Gparted to partition & make a ext4 partition and you will be fine.

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    thank you for the recommendation but gparted is not accessable from the terminal
    – Graeme
    Jan 29, 2012 at 4:22

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