Let's suposse I have a lot of emails in a private email server. Organized in folders, subfolders, tags, etc.

I want to migrate all this emails (with their current organization) to a new email domain provided by Google and their services. Is there a clean and easy way to achieve this? Or it all depends on the email client I'm currently using?

I could use some tutorials for this but I don't know exactly what to look for...


Set up IMAP on both and then use a multi-server IMAP client to transfer them. Note that Gmail uses labels, not folders, so don't expect it to be a perfectly clean transfer.

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  • Thanks @Ignacio , I'll try that but I've been told that these multi-server IMAP client sometimes hung up unexpectly when they are transfering huge amounts of emails (I'm transfering like 25 accounts with +/- 1gb of emails data each). And btw, Gmail has support for folders with emails :) – josej30 Feb 2 '12 at 8:56

As ignatio said, I'd use IMAP to transfer files between accounts. Take a look at imapsync (README); it's quite powerful and up to date.

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