I have currently 4 accounts added to iChat,

  1. Standard GTalk
  2. GTalk For Google Apps
  3. Facebook
  4. Olark

Facebook and Olark have their own Buddy List Group viz. Facebook and WebUser groups and thus those buddies come in a separate list, while the buddies from GTalk and GTalk from Google Apps do not have any group associated with them and they come under Buddies list.

It's a bit of a pain because I want to have buddies from GTalk for Google Apps in a separate buddy list than the default one.

Is it possible to do it in iChat?

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In your preferences, disable one of the Google accounts.

Then, right click on the 'Buddies' divider and rename it to anything else. Finally, re-enable the account you disabled and you will achieve the desired separation.


Turning off Preferences → General → Show all my accounts in one list will give you four separate buddy list windows. I don't know of a way to specify an alternate group for a single account.

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