What is the difference between rsnapshot and rdiffbackup?

Which is better for backing up a new snapshot of my laptop (over the Internet from some remote location) to my server (which already has the previous backup) ?

As far as I can tell, they both store (on the backup server) the latest backup and many previous versions of backed-up files (in the form of compressed reverse-incremental deltas). They both use rsync to make backups over the internet faster.


Quoting from http://www.saltycrane.com/blog/2008/02/backup-on-linux-rsnapshot-vs-rdiff/ :

For rsnapshot, all versions of the backup are accessible as plain files. For rdiff-backup, only the current backup is accessible as plain files. Previous versions are stored as rdiff deltas.


For small files, storage size is similar. For large files that change often, such as logfiles, databases, etc., rdiff-backup requires significantly less space for a given number of versions.

The page lists some other differences also.


I Would add, for the sake of completeness that there exists rbackup which is just a wrapper script around rdiff-backupto ease snapshot management, more like rsnapshot's way of managing snapshots (easier to configure).

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