I have Apache server on Ubuntu that i can access with 'localhost' - network local adress

I have windows vista with local adress

I want to able access ubtunu 'localhost' from windows browser.


  1. I have access with the name 'mysite.ll' and not to 'localhost' - i just write for convience 'localhost'

  2. I define in windows hosts file: mysite.ll www.mysite.ll + ipconfig /flushdns - and then access from windows 'mysite.ll' but i get response: "Chrome could not connect to mysite.ll"

Update: When i down the ubuntu firewall my windows access the ubuntu apache server. What should i define in my ubuntu firewall (I use firestarter)?

Solution: add new rule in firestarter

please help me

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  • localhost is a loopback address for which is the given machine in question. Just use the address DO NOT redirect localhost to lots of programs assume that localhost IS – Ramhound Feb 6 '12 at 12:30
  • thanks, but also directly - not works for me – Yosef Feb 6 '12 at 12:35

Make sure the Apache server is running and accessible from the Ubuntu machine.

Then make sure the ufw firewall (gufw will work if you have a gui installed) has been configured to let traffic from other computers through port 80.

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