For some reason, when I import data from a certain unnamed source (toggl.com), some of the time columns have an apostrophe in them.

When I have this data loaded in Calc, is there a quick, easy way to remove these?

The columns look like:


And I want:


I see the =REPLACE function, but I can't seem to get that to work. Maybe I don't understand the steps.


Just use =right(A1,8) and drag it down. Right will always give you the X rightmost characters of the string and given it's consistent in this string, it will be the simplest solution.

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If your strings are of unequal length you can use the mid() and len() commands combined.

In your example the command would be: =MID(A1,2,LEN(A1))

Drag it down as in the answer above.

How does it work?

MID returns a sub-string of a string specified as: MID([string], [start index], [end index]). If the [end index] varies, using LEN(A1) specifies the length of the particular string.

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The function you are looking for is the text command, SUBSTITUTE("Text"; "SearchText"; "NewText"; Occurrence)

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You may try Search For . and Replace With & also in other options check Regular expressions.

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