Basically I need to issue an ssh command to open a url in the current tab if i try to run chrome with say

google-chrome http://yahoo.com

it adds a new tab to the already existing window.

I looked through the command line switches but did not see anything useful...

Anyone know of a way to do this?


Here are all the command line switches for google-chrome. Searched with all possible keywords. But it seems there is none for refreshing the active lab.

  • I actually already looked through all of those (searched and actually read through each one) and didn't find anything useful. I modified my question, I need to open a new url in the current tab not refresh it. Thanks anyway!
    – gt565k
    Feb 8 '12 at 18:59

AFAIK there isn't any standard way or command-line switch to do that, but as a workaround, if you can install a custom add-on on destination machine then you would create a Chrome Add-on which reads passed arguments (in form of a url), parse that url and then executes your custom command.

These custom commands could be anything achievable through a Chrome Add-on: in this case refreshing current tab's content.

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