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Which duplicate files and folders finders exist for Windows?

I need a software to find large folder duplicates on my computer which match folder sizes exactly. It should be able to access multiple locations, and if possible network drives too.

I have tried duplicate file finder and it gives me thousand's of irrelevant entries, I want to find the largest folders. I have multiple instances as I am backing up data and have copied it all over for convenience.

  • Unless you can describe a specific situation that is not solved by conventional duplicate finder software, this is not a question that should be asked on SU. We don't do software recommendations here. Feb 9, 2012 at 10:15

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DiskView (paid) would show the sizes of your folders and represent the space-hungry ones in a pie chart. I guess you could then easily infer (based on the given size/name) if you have duplicated folders.

It seems Folder-size (freeware) would do a bit more in addition as according to their wesite it can sort folders according to:

Folder size
Size percentage from the parent folders size
Files count inside the folder
Subfolders count
Creation time
Last modification time
Last access time Folder owner and group

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