For some strange reason, when I got my installation of fedora, man command was missing. I have already install development tools packages - but still no luck.

I checked all the usual suspects: PATH, etc. No good:

> whereis man
man: /usr/share/man
# that's, of course, where documentation goes; not helpful!

What is the rpm that gets me man command? (Googling the subject is hard as all kinds of irrelevant results come up.)

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yum install man-db should give it to you

I'm running Fedora 16 at the moment.

  • So it did! Also, said it needed groff for dependencies, which explains while perldoc was failing to format the output correctly! Oh boy, is my life better. Thank you. :-) – KateYoak Nov 14 '11 at 1:47

I'm not installing Fedora again just to answer this question, but on my Amazon Linux AMI (which is RPM based and probably based off Red Hat), it's just a package called man.

Does Apropos exist?

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