When I play music using any Flash player, whenever there is the tiniest amount of low frequencies, I hear a high pitch ringing noise. It does that on all the highest quality streams I could try such as vimeo or 1080p youtubes.

Example: http://vimeo.com/dakotalapse/temporaldistortion I hear a constant ringing sound when notes play, it sounds like a sampling rate frenquency gone wrong.

I tried:

  • Reinstalling Flash
  • Clearing Flash and browser temporaries
  • Reinstalling audio drivers

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I finally found what the problem was, it had to do with sampling rate as I suspected.

The sound device was set at 48000Hz and the sources at 44100Hz. I guess the sound device (Realtek) or application resampler implementations are very naive and since both frequencies are so close it produces ringing. 44100Hz worked fine but I changed it to 96000Hz so that I'm also covered if I get to play 48KHz stuff.

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