Does Access store tables and data outside of the *.mdb file ?

I have a computer which currently has a large working database on it containing some tables with confidential data. I would like to securley delete/remove the confidential data. Does all the data live in the *.mdb file?

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Yes, all the data is in the MDB file, unless you're using ODBC or otherwise linking tables to other data sources, perhaps other MDBs.


Deleting data and compressing the database does not guarantee that all the confidential data will be completely removed. You should use an anonymizer to obfuscate all confidential data - and all your forms and queries will continue to work properly. Here's an anonymizer that you get get for free: http://www.access-experts.ch/werkzeuge_produkte/daten-anonymisierung/index.html

Good luck Rainer


I would say do this:

  • Make a copy of the Access database.
  • Then run a delete query.

This way you will always have a backup.

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