I use Windows Live Mesh to sync folders. I've also synced the folders to SkyDrive synced storage.

I'd like to access the files from my iPhone. So I downloaded the SkyDrive app from Microsoft, but for reasons unknown it does not show files from SkyDrive synced storage.

My question is this: has anyone found a way to view Windows Live Mesh files on the iPhone?

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You can use the iSMEStorage App to do this. This is how I access my sync'd folders, but they are read only, as this is how Microsoft makes these folders and files available in SkyDrive (even on the web).


Microsoft's Live Mesh storage to SkyDrive synced storage is not the same as what's stored in your SkyDrive folders. See: http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/reviews/2010/06/windows-live-sync-is-frustratingly-bad-it-could-be-awesome.ars

I bridge the two using a mapped network drive (see: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57347395-285/how-to-map-your-skydrive-folder-in-windows-7/) and a nightly robocopy script that copies the contents of my Mesh folders to the SkyDrive documents folder. Then my Mesh files are visible in the iPhone SkyDrive app.

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