I have some data in calc like so:


I select the cells, and right click 'format cells', and choose Time -> 876613:37:46. When I do this, it adds an apostrophe to the beginning of each cell, so the data ends up like this:


Why is that? How can I prevent it?

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    The problem is that if your cell contain "05:00:27", they are already formatted. Without formatting, the content would be "0,208645833333333" in case of "05:00:27". So, the answer depends on the "real" content of you cell. To check this, remove any "direct formatting" using Menu "Format" -> "Clear direct formatting", or using CTRL+M. – tohuwawohu Jul 5 '12 at 9:14

Very often the time value is presented as a string ie. appears as '01:00:00 when formatted as time.

There are two solutions to this:

  1. To delete the single quote. This is extremely tedious if there are more values

  2. To create another cell which uses a formula to convert to timevalue. If eg A1 contains '01:00:00 then create another cell with =TIMEVALUE(A1), the formula can be dragged along to easily convert multiple values

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