Does anyone make a wireless touch screen monitor that would be could be used kind of like a tablet pc?

Basically I want something that could sit on my lap and allow me to view and control a nearby pc.

UPDATE: Anyone know of a touch screen tablet pc without a keyboard, so it's just a screen?

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You may use this ARM-based Touch Book by AlwaysInnovating (from $299) and control your 'nearby PC' via VNC.

alt text


any tablet pc could run a vnc client and utilize the remote desktop connection to control your pc through a home network.

chicken of the vnc is a good client and can control both mac and windows.

Also mimo makes a usb touch screen monitor that could in theory be connected to a wireless usb or bluetooth extender.


Yes there is an Wireless Touch Screen Monitor availble now. It is made by Soundgraph, it is a touch screen USB monitor which is made wireless using an USB device. It is known as FingerVU Wireless Monitor Set. Check the website for Pics, Videos & price. I hope the information is helpfull to all although it came late.

Harneet Barmy

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