My overall problem is that I filled my current virtual hard drive, so I want to move everything over to a larger VDI file and boot from that one instead.

If it matters, I have XP host and Crunchbang (based on Debian statler) guest, VirtualBox version 4.1.2r73507.

I first tried this guide, but after dd'ing the contents of /dev/sda1, gparted couldn't tell that there was a smaller partition on the larger disk. But, I did have all of /dev/sda1 copied to /dev/sdb1, the only problem was that /dev/sdb1 thought it only had 8 GB, not 32.

Then I discovered fsarchiver, which claims to be able to restore archive files to larger partitions, so I created an archive of /dev/sdb1 with

fsarchiver savefs -A /media/sf_C_DRIVE/temp/backup.fsa /dev/sdb1

Then I wiped out /dev/sdb1 with gparted (reformatted the whole thing as ext4) and restored the archive file with

fsarchiver restfs /media/sf_C_DRIVE/temp/backup.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sdb1

And according to df, I think that worked. It shows roughly the same number of blocks used, but a much smaller % used. But, when I go into the virtual machine settings and switch the larger drive in as Primary Master, I can't boot (not even GRUB)

To make things worse, I decided to boot the machine from a LiveCD, clear /dev/sdb1 again, recreate the archive (this time from the real /dev/sda1), and restfs /dev/sdb1. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention, so I wiped /dev/sda1. Without Guest Additions on the LiveCD, I can't access the fsa file in C:\temp to restore the image to either VDI file.

Any suggestions?


Instead of copying, just make the existing virtual drive file larger then boot the vm ( possibly from a livecd ) and add/extend partitions.

  • I'd love to be able to do that. Do you have any specific instructions? Everything I found said it's not possible. – Nate Parsons Feb 21 '12 at 3:40
  • I don't use virtualbox, but it is quite simple with other virtual machines like vmware, qemu or xen, so I can't imagine that virtualbox can't do it. – psusi Feb 21 '12 at 3:43
  • BTW, you were right. Buried in the manual is vboxmanage modifyhd (virtualbox.org/manual/ch08.html#vboxmanage-modifyvdi) – Nate Parsons Mar 18 '12 at 14:03
  • @NateParsons here is the guide: derekmolloy.ie/resize-a-virtualbox-disk Nutshell: it needs gparted installed as an .iso for you to run in VBox. Make a new linux VM and use gparted.iso as the installation media, this runs its own mini-virtualmachine where u can attach your .vdi and make it bigger. – hello_there_andy Jul 29 '19 at 1:32

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