I was asked how would one be able to record PC screen activity to a standalone DVR (to sync it with CCTV cameras).

2 different solutions came to my mind:

  • A software installed on the PC makes the PC to pretend to be an IP camera, streaming desktop activity over the network to a DVR
  • There is a splitter cable attached to the PC's VGA or DVI ouput port. One fork would go to monitor and the other to DVR

Unfortunately, googling for any of these solutions was a dead end for me: I couldn't find any software which would turn a PC's desktop to an IP camera feed nor any DVR which would accept DVI or VGA input.

Does such software exist? Or perhaps does a DVR with a VGA or DVI input exist? Or is there some third way to do this?


what about a VGA to composite converter? There are many such devices sold on Ebay for example, beginning at approx 16 USD - just have a look here. Just be careful - the cheapest ones are only cables while you need converter box - for example this one. I assume, that the DVR has composite input - S-Video so this could be solution for you.


Connect VGA splitter 1 output to PC monitor and another to VGA-PAL converter. Get AV output from VGA-PAL converter, connect to DRV.

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