Yesterday I upgraded my VLC to 2.0. I was watching some video lectures of .mp4 format. The lectures were not having any subtitles but they provided me transcript in .txt files. I want them to be used as subtitles in VLC 2.0 but they aren't working!! Is there any solution for opening .txt subtitles or transcript in VLC 2.0??


In a .srt file, we have the time-stamps which specifies which text to be displayed when and for how long (shown below).

0 00:00:40,874 --> 00:00:44,644 KELLER: Our father, who art in heaven,

1 00:00:44,645 --> 00:00:47,313 hallowed be thy name.

2 00:00:47,314 --> 00:00:49,482 Thy kingdom come,

3 00:00:49,483 --> 00:00:54,320 thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Whereas, in the transcript, there will be no such time-stamps.

Therefore, it is practically impossible to use transcript to display subtitles. But, if you can work on that file, and create time-stamps (various online tools and softwares are available for this), you can convert txt file to srt.

Hope this helps. Comment if more info is needed.


This may not be ideal, but Youtube has this functionality. If you have a decent connection/time, upload it as a private video, and then you you'll have the Transcribe and Sync option where you can upload your text and have Youtube's servers take care of the syncing.

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