I am trying to run tor on my slackware machine and when I do I get the error:

tor: /lib64/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found (required for tor)

So I run the command:

slackpkg upgrade glibc

Which tells me that there are no packages that match the pattern for upgrade.

So then I run the following command to reinstall glibc:

slackpkg reinstall glibc

And when I am prompted by the reinstall screen to choose the packages that I want to reinstall, I notice that glibc-2.13_64-5_slack13.37.txz is the latest version of glibc.

Is it possible to either run tor without the latest glibc, get glibc_2.14 for slackware 13.37 another way, or some other solution to properly run tor on slackware 13.37?


You need to uncomment a mirror URL that ends in 'slackware64-current', e.g.


If you use a mirror that ends in 'slackware64-13.37' you won't see GLIBC 2.14.


You are using Slackware64? If glibc-2.13_64-5_slack13.37.txz is the package name, then you are installing the wrong package; search the 64-bits version and try again.

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    I am not searching for the package, I am getting it directly from the mirror that you uncomment, inorder to use the slackpkg command. Also I am having a hard time finding the version 2.14 glibc for slackware on the internet. Is there another distro that is close enough to slackware, where I can you that package? – NSNolan Feb 29 '12 at 18:41

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