I'd like to set certain keys to be passed-through on certain sites. So, e.g., j/k would be passed through on *duckduckgo.com* but work elsewhere.

Is there a straightforward way to do this?

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I switched back to vimperator from pentadactyl (too slow) and I needed this feature. It is provided by the :ignorekeys command, like so:

:ignorekeys add http://example.com/

This will ignore all keys, including : and / so you might want at least something like:

:ignorekeys add -except=:,/ http://example.com/

See :help :ignorekeys for more!


A bit late, but for anyone that stumbles across this question.

At the time of writing, 2017-02-15, vimperator have the option "passthrough" that can be toggled by:

:set passthrough and :set nopassthrough

This is the same as pentactatyls ^C-v


To answer my own question, it sounds like there's allegedly a plugin for Vimperator that I never found, but It's built into Pentadactyl using the passkeys option.

Documentation here.

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