I have downloaded Windows 8 Consumer preview,but when i was downloading(with free download manager) it there was a power failure and it got stopped at 50% and again when i turned on my computer and i resumed the download,it went fine and i got downloaded the whole .iso file. But when i tried to installing it it gives an error at '49%' saying something went wrong and it stops,i know i had a power failure when downloading it when it was at 50%. I checked the 'SHA1' of the iso image from that from the windows website they were different. And i cant download the whole file again i have execeeded the bandwidth limit on downloading from my ISP. Can i get it working again? Thanks for the responses

  • I have 50%, do I have 100%? No, start over again. – Tamara Wijsman Mar 1 '12 at 17:38

If the SHA-1 is different it means that your file is corrupted. The only solution is to download it again.

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