I've installed Windows 8 on a 2010 MacBook Pro using the Hanselman's method (VHD on native boot). Everything goes fine until it suddenly freezes and I must reboot. I have no log to see and no error to look for it on the web, just frozen.

Did anybody have any similar problem?

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I can confirm this issue on a MacBook Pro 13", Mid-2009. In addition, I found an article on MSDN's forums about this exact type of freezing. It's possible the issue is caused by the NVIDIA driver that gets installed by Boot Camp. I downloaded the newest driver for Windows 7 (version 295.73), but it did not resolve the problem.

This comment thread indicates that uninstalling Boot Camp (or not installing it in the first place) resolves the freezes. I haven't had long enough to confirm this myself, but I'll update this answer if I can confirm it.

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