I'm writing a new backup script in [Powershell][1] to backup our [Azure SQL][2].

After the backup, I need to write into a logfile on a remote linux server.

I thought about using plink (the [putty][3] command line tool). More or less like this:

plink user@server /var/log/logfile<"TEXT"

However, most of you will remark that this isn't possible, and I also learned this :)

Is there no easy way to add a line of text to an existing file on a remote linux system using plink?


One pretty common method is to use tee. Try one of these.

echo "TEXT" | plink.exe user@server tee /var/log/logfile

type localfile.txt | plink.exe user@server tee /var/log/logfile
  • Thx! Actually I should have known this command but I've never used it before. I did only one small change to make it append the text and not overwrite it everytime: echo "TEXT" | plink.exe user@server tee -a /var/log/logfile – platzhersh Mar 6 '12 at 7:19

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