I am not able to associate magnet protocol in FF. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with FF 10.0.2. Created the following in about:config and restarted FF, but still getting the below message.

Name: network.protocol-handler.external.magnet -> Value -> true

Name: network.protocol-handler.app.magnet -> Value -> /usr/bin/transmission-gtk

enter image description here

Chrome was able to recognize the magnet, so was able to get it work.

But, still interested in how to get it work in Firefox.


Have a look at this. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Register_protocol#Firefox_3.5_and_above:

  1. Type about:config into the Location Bar (address bar) and press Enter.

  2. Right-click -> New -> Boolean -> Name: network.protocol-handler.expose.foo -> Value -> false (Replace foo with the protocol you're specifying)

  3. Next time you click a link of protocol-type foo you will be asked which application to open it with.

  4. Once it works, don't forget to reset the value of 'network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet' to True, or FF might keep asking to setup it again.

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