Recently, Google changed the behavior of the Google logo on the subsearchpage (after you make a search and the logo is in the left corner) using Firefox 10 (probably since Firefox 8 same since version 3.6).

As I figured it out, the logo doesn't act like a "button image" anymore (for ex. this still does).

I would like to change the behaviour of the logo, so I can use the right-click mouse button to open a new search homepage in a new tab. Maybe by using a userContent.css tweak? Is there any solution?


Google made this change on their site, so it is irrelevant to Firefox. Further more, userContent.css is for modifying CSS (styles). The functionality you are looking for is done with user scripts. I agree that this was an unnecessary change, but in the meantime, you can click the Search link above the logo to do what you want.


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