I found out that I have to activate the search or file content in the Window7 search settings.

Now, the content in .html files or Docs is found, but not in my code files (for example the stuff in the Matlab .m files). Is there a way to show windows that .m files contain ASCII-content and should be used in the content search? Cheers!


Windows has a default list of files that are indexed as text (ASCII). .m isn't on that list, but you can add it. (File Types tab in the Advanced Options dialog from the Indexing Options Control Panel)

  • In the German Versin it is on the rigth hand side in the controll panal of (it wasn't even found by the search): Systemsteuerung\Alle Systemsteuerungselemente\Leistungsinformationen und -tools – eactor Mar 13 '12 at 9:45
  • Run > "control.exe srchadmin.dll" should work regardless of language – MSalters Mar 13 '12 at 10:48

Try Agent Ransack it'll search all file types, really useful for code searching.

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