I have tried the following:

Click History menu item > Show Full History > Search for item speedtest.com > Tick checkbox next to speedtest.com > Click Remove Selected Item > Restart Chrome

Now when I type speedtest into the chrome search bar I still get speedtest.com as the first item!?

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Here it says:

You can delete single suggestions in the address bar . For Mac OS X Highlight the URL with your arrow keys and then SHIFT+FN+DELETE. At least that has worked for me .

though it apparently only works when it feels to.

  • seems to work when there are multiple items. Feb 15, 2019 at 18:56
  • Yeah, seems to work sometimes but not others; weird. Thanks @o0'.!
    – Ward W
    Mar 4, 2019 at 18:58
  • didn't work work for me. however, this did: CONTROL+FN+SHIFT+DELETE
    – genxgeek
    Jun 29, 2019 at 18:46

You must ensure that the item is not also in your bookmarks. Might seem obvious but yeah... if the entry is also in your bookmarks the attempt to SHIFT+FN+DELETE OR SHIFT+CONTROL+FN+DELETE will simply not work


Simply highlighting the item in the URL and pushing shift+fn+control+delete works!

enter image description here


With an external non-Apple keyboard (it has a Windows key) these steps worked for me:

Highlight the URL with your arrow keys and then Shift + Delete.

I guess the Fn from the other answers is only necessary for Apple keyboards?

  1. Press ⇧⌘A ( shift + command + A ) to search for related tabs
  2. Hover each search result with your mouse cursor to reveal the close icon ×
  3. Click each close icon × with your mouse to close the related tabs
  4. Press ⌥⌘B ( option + command + B ) to search for related bookmarks
  5. Click the menu icon ⋮ next to each related bookmark and select Delete from the menu
  6. Press ⌘Y ( command + Y ) to search for related history entries
  7. Check the checkbox ☑ next to each related item to reveal the Delete button
  8. Click on the Delete button to delete related history entries
  9. Press ⌘L ( command + L ) to move focus to the address bar
  10. Use the autocomplete feature to verify that related items are no longer visible

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