Is it possible to do a regular expression search and replace in Textpad where the search term spans multiple lines.

e.g. document contains:


I would like to replace everything between "Hello" and "World" with a space.

I have tried searching for the regular expression:


but this does not match (I assume due to the text spanning across multiple lines).


Since Textpad seems to have only very limited regex support, I only got it done with three replaces:

  1. Replace each newline (\n or \r\n) in your text with a unique pattern, e.g. ##NEWLINE##

  2. Use the regex (Hello).*(World) and replace the match with \1 \2
    (you can also just use Hello.*World and replace with Hello World)

  3. Finally, revert step 1 by replacing all ##NEWLINE## with the actual newline

I suggest taking a look on Notepad++ which has better regex support, a lot of other features (especially for source code editing), and is open source / free software.

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