Is it possible to limit FireBug to work only on certain domains? e.g. all domains that contain *dev* in it. I didn't manage to find any sort of "settings" for FireBug in FireFox settings.

I know I can exclude domains. But that's not the same.

After looking around, I've discovered a topic where FB developers say that

There is no need for such option because FB is disabled by default.

But that's not true! Example, when I go to to http://cssmania.com my whole browser freezes and then after 15 seconds or so I get a message saying that FireBug couldn't execute some script, do you want to Stop the script?


Firebug is suspended by default. Re-suspending Firebug, however, in not intuitive. First, you must add the Firebug icon to a toolbar with:

View > Toolbars > Customize...

Now, to suspend Firebug:

  • Right-click the icon and uncheck On for All Web Pages
  • Right-click the icon and click Clear Activation List

This should fix the problem you are having with Firebug running when you do not want it to.

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