I know there may be a few questions similar to this, but my question is regarding specific hardware configuration.

I have an Asus U52f laptop with an HDMI out that I currently use to drive my 24" DVI external monitor. My question is I found an HDMI -> dual DVI splitter here and was wanting to know is has anyone tried this type of configuration or would the Matrox DualHead2Go be a better solution.


If you want a clone (you call it mirror when mirror would be right and left sides swapped) mode only then 5€ splitter will do the thing. Matrox has more functionality.

  • But will the splitter give me an expanded desktop or just show the same desktop twice (mirror)? – Andy Evans Mar 9 '12 at 14:19
  • There are DVI-HDMI cables on the market just use that. I bought it on Newegg for $15 worked perfectly with my HDMI monitors and my DVI graphic card. What the laptop displays on that monitor will be based on what you set it to. – Ramhound Mar 9 '12 at 15:42
  • 1
    Standard splitters will only mirror - they do not change the available bandwidth to the display(s). The BEST solution, if you don't need ridiculous levels of performance, is to buy a DisplayLink-based USB video adapter. – Shinrai Mar 9 '12 at 16:04

It just depends on what you are looking to accomplish. A splitter just replicates the same image on all outputs. It does not support extended desktop applications.

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