When you start typing in the Start Search box in Windows 7 (or Vista) Start Menu, applications are appearing in the list from which you can select them. My question is how can I add my applications so they appear in that list.

For example: I use many apps from Sysinternals like Process Explorer, AutoRun, .... I would like to launch them by starting typing and as soon as they appear in the list start the application.


You can add it to your start menu folder to have it appear in the search box. Although from prior experience, just a shortcut sometimes doesn't work.

navigate to:

C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/

and drop your executable in there, you can even make a folder for it. Make sure it is named appropriately according to what you want to search for.

A great alternative to the above is Start++, you can make custom search strings for the Vista search box:

alt text

alt text

alt text

  • Unfortunately Start++ doesn't work on Windows 7 as advertised. But it exactly what I'm looking for. +1
    – Vadim
    Sep 12 '09 at 2:30
  • What about dropping the executable in the start menu folder?
    – John T
    Sep 12 '09 at 5:54
  • My Windows 7 doesn't have "Start Menu" folder in C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/ directory. However, I try to create it manually but it didn't work.
    – Vadim
    Sep 12 '09 at 13:29
  • The title says vista, maybe you should make it more clear what you are actually using. The windows 7 start menu is at C:\Users\yourUsername\Start Menu
    – John T
    Sep 12 '09 at 13:36

I think he just meant Vista indexing his programs so when he types put, putty appears or whatever.

  • That was an original idea. But I'm looking for other options too.
    – Vadim
    Sep 12 '09 at 13:30

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