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I recently created a virtual machine of Windows XP for a host computer running Mac OSX 10.6.8 However i find that the screen displayed by VirtualBox is far too small for any real work to be done. Where can i find the "Fullscreen" option? The option does not appear to be there under settings, and when i try stretching the window, it just creates a gray frame that is distracting and doesn't help anything.

  • Have you installed the VirtualBox Additions?
    – Renan
    Mar 13, 2012 at 0:45

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You need to install the Virtualbox guest additions to do this. They are in the Devices menu, just hit that.

enter image description here

After that, they will appear in Windows XP's My Computer. You will see that there is a Virtualbox logo on the "Disk" it mounted. Inside there will be an executable for Windows. It may also auto-run.

enter image description here

Once thats done and you reboot the guest machine, you can go to Machine > Full Screen. It will also dynamically expand to whatever size you make the window, once the guest additions are installed.

  • It should be noted that once you verify that "VirtualBox Guest Additions (D:)" is in the "Devices With Removable Storage Section," you have to double click it to install.
    – whyoz
    May 31, 2013 at 14:25

You should be able to change the display resolution within the virtual XP. You may have to increase the virtual machine's video memory to be able to select a higher resolution. You can make VirtualBox fullscreen by doing [host key]-F (by default [host key] is the right CTRL key).

  • This will only work if drivers are installed, the virtualbox guest ones. If not, it will not function properly and will not expand, sticking to the vesa style drivers. Mar 13, 2012 at 0:59

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