Yesterday I did a clean install of Mac OS Lion, and installed bunch of apps, including HipChat Desktop Application (an Adobe AIR app). I used it for some time and eventually closed it.

Today I wanted to start it again, but couldn't find it in Launchpad. I looked in /Applications folder, but I couldn't find it there either (I still don't have ~/Applications).

I went back to HipChat website (from where I installed) and a Flash plugin allowed me to run the app immediately. It shows up in my Dock and if I "keep it" there, I can launch it again (it still doesn't appear in my /Applications dir). However, it asks me for confirmation about launching an app that has been downloaded from the Internet (every time I start it, it's annoying). I also see the app in Adobe AIR uninstaller.

I then went to my old Snow Leopard installation and found HipChat in my /Applications folder there. Copied it to the Lion disk and it works. Now I have two HipChat entries in Adobe AIR uninstaller.

I guess I solved the issue at hand, but I still don't understand where the original app is located and how I can access it and move it to Applications.

I couldn't find it anywhere with both Finder search nor find command in terminal (I used $find / -name "HipChat*" -print).

So, how does Adobe AIR store the installed applications (on OSX Lion) and is there any way to get them to show up in Launchpad?

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In order to find out the location of an application in the Dock, hold down the command ⌘ key and click (don't hold) on the icon. It will be revealed in Finder.

  • Thanks for the tip! :) Unfortunately I already fixed the problem by reinstalling Flash and AIR and the app now installs into the proper location. I'll mark this as accepted, but I can't actually verify if it would work for the problem at hand. Mar 19, 2012 at 12:41

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