I am using blender 3D right now, and i 'baked' a cloth soft body. However, i want just one keyframe of the cloth. In this case, i make curtains for a window and made it a cloth. I baked it to just how i want the cloth to look, but for my animation i want a single still cloth object to be placed. I want the curtains to be one still cloth-looking object for the whole animation.

So is there a way that i can get that mesh to stay in that one position for the entire animation? If so, then how do i do it?

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How about this:

  1. In 3d view, select the object in the desired animation frame.
  2. Press ALT+C and convert it to mesh.

If I remember correctly, this shold keep the geometry, but remove the animation.

  • Hi Adamsan, you remebered correctly, it did the trick for me! Thanks a lot!! Commented Apr 11, 2014 at 15:56

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