I have made VPN connection configuration on local computer. After reboot logon screen lost user accounts. Default Administrator account works fine with Administrator username with empty password, but i still can't logon to my old UserName local account.

But i can login to new accounts with the same names created via user profiles in VPN access settings

I have noticed, that newly created user have UserName.ComputerName in their profile folder names, but old one have only UserName.

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Type this ("PCNAME" is your computer's name, the one you typed in setup, and "USER" is the username) into the Username box:


That should get you logging on to a local account. How to make this default, I don't know. I sure miss the XP logon screen where there was a list of what you could log on to.


You would use something like .\username or computername\username or username@computername

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