Sometimes running man outputs badly line-wrapped text. If I run man, quit, then resize the terminal window and run man again, it formats it according to the new window width. But if I run man, resize the window (the text gets messy), quit, and then run man again, it still formats it badly like before.

But sometimes it doesn't happen even if I resize the window while man is running, and sometimes it happens even after I make a new, resized terminal before running man for the first time in that window.

How can this be fixed? I have tried the man -c option and R, r, ⌃R and ⌃L to “repaint” the screen while viewing the manpage (my man uses less).

I don't have MANWIDTH set. I'm using iTerm2.

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Sounds like a bad interaction between cat pages (the cache of already-formatted man pages) and the fact that man uses the current width of the terminal at time-of-formatting. In the output of man man (the man page for the man command), I see:

No cat pages are saved when the required cat directory does not exist.
No cat pages are saved when they are formatted for a line length different
from 80.  No cat pages are saved when man.conf contains the line NOCACHE.

That may help.

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