I was having some troubles with byobu lately while using the screen back-end, so I switched to using the tmux back-end, which works like a charm.

The problem is now that my keyboard has tiny F1­-F12 keys, so it's hard to use them without looking at the keyboard. I'd like to continue using Cltr+A Cltr+C for new screen, etc. Is there a way to re-map these to the tmux-specific keys?

I'm using Konsole as my terminal emulator and Awesome as my window manager.


After reading a bunch of man-pages, I figured out that adding the line

set -g prefix C-A

to ~/.byobu/.tmux.conf changes the escape sequence. This way, Ctrl+A A does what it would do in screen. Only problem is now that Ctrl+A Ctrl+A doesn't, but that's fine, it can be changed by changing key bindings one-by-one in the .tmux.conf file:

bind-key C-C new-window
bind-key C-A last-window
bind-key C-Space next-window

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