I am merging text (not code) using vim. Unfortunately, the paragraph formatting is different between the two text. I know if I used wdiff it would only show the differences that I am interested in, but to edit the text, I'd like to use diff-mode in vim. A quick search in the vim help and vim wiki gives me no hits. What would be a good way of achieving this?

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This morning I found an awesome Gist that does what you ask (w/o a wdiff dependency no less!). It could use a little polish in that you must specify the winnr() for each window you want to compare, but does basically what you want.

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Without having wdiff I cannot give you an actual working example, but I suggest you read through ":help diff-diffexpr" and try modifying the example shown there to use wdiff.

However, if this works at all, you may still find yourself needing to do ":diffupdate" frequently.

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