I'd like to block all outgoing port 80 activity except for one particular application.

Why? I want to test a piece of software to see if it will fall back to a proxy if a direct connection to the web is not available. I need to allow my proxy to connect, but nothing else.

I would have thought this would be a comon scenario, but I'm not able to find anything that gives a hint as to how to accomplish this.

BTW, this is on Windows 7

  • OK, figured it out. You need to open the Windows Firewall properties, and set Outbound connections to block (it's set to Allow by default). Then, you add an Allow rule for your proxy app. It did what I wanted for testing purposes, but obviously not something to change long term. – His Royal Redness Mar 20 '12 at 7:27

You can accomplish this by using the Advanced Security settings panel.

Open up the Windows Firewall Control Panel item and click "Advanced settings":

Control Panel

(You can also open Advanced Security by opening the Start Menu and typing "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security".)

Click on Windows Firewall Properties:

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Select "Block" from the "Outbound Connections" menu:

Properties box

Click OK, then create a new outbound rule. Click on Outbound Rules (in the left sidebar), and then click on "New Rule":

outbound rules


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