I used Dropbox on mac recently and that Synced some files with windows. Now I'm not using a mac anymore and there's a file named ._Icon that refuses to go away. I am not able to delete it, nor am I able to rename it. The error message I get while deleting is The file name you specified is too long or not valid. Here is the directory listing

 Directory of D:\Dropbox

20-03-2012  19:46    <DIR>          .
20-03-2012  19:46    <DIR>          ..
08-01-2012  14:18                29 .dropbox
02-10-2011  13:12           291,232 ._Icon

How do I get rid of this, It's not a very big file but its presence is irritating. Also do we have something like gitignore for Dropbox.

See the offending file shown below This is the file I want to get rid of


Go to dropbox.com and delete the file from there? It should sync delete them from all computer connected.


The icon file is named on OSX Icon? and should not get synchronized to Dropbox (as well as the ._-files). Nevertheless the file is there and you should get rid of it.

You can try DelinvFile - Delete Invalid Files and Folders to remove it on Windows7.

  • I'd prefer a solution that doesn't need me installing any additional software – nikhil Mar 24 '12 at 18:55

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