In my emacs org-mode org file I have a tag list


At some point, I wish to add a new tag to the list, and apply it to an item (using C-c C-c). But the new tag does not show up in the list of selectable tags.

In order to fix this, I close and reopen emacs. But I'm sure that isn't necessary, How do I refresh this list without restarting emacs?

  • are they todo tags which you set with #+TODO: or category tags which you set with #+FILETAGS: ?
    – kindahero
    Mar 21, 2012 at 9:27

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Try C-c C-c on the top of the org file. It updates the local config of the file.

  • For me, it prompts for a tag to apply to the item on the first line of the file. If I insert an empty line and type C-c C-c there, I get 'C-c C-c' can do nothing useful here (I'm trying to refresh after customizing org-tag-alist.)
    – akaihola
    Jun 4, 2020 at 11:15

One way to force a refresh of tags in a buffer after customizing org-tag-alist is M-x org-mode-restart. The side effect is that all nested trees are folded, so you may lose track of what you were working on in the buffer.

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